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peer-reviewed articles

  • 2022. "Gendering Coalitional Presidentialism in Brazil," Journal of Politics in Latin America (with Pedro dos Santos and Kristin N. Wylie). [Link]

  • 2022. "Insecurity and Self-esteem: Elucidating the Psychological Foundations of Negative Attitudes Towards Women", Politics & Gender (with Jordan Mansell). [Link]

  • 2021. "Stigmatized campaign practices and the gendered dynamics of electoral viability", Journal of Politics in Latin America (with Mariana Borges Martins da Silva). [Link]

  • 2021. "Casting ballots when knowing results", British Journal of Political Science (with Victor Araujo). [Link]

  • 2021. "Can conservatism make women more vulnerable to violence?", Comparative Political Studies (with Victor Araujo). [Link]

  • ​​2021. "Informal Institutions and Gendered Candidate Selection in Brazilian Parties", Party Politics (with Kristin N. Wylie). [Link]

  • 2020. "Resilient aspirants: Women's candidacies and election in times of Covid-19", Politics & Gender (with Debora Thome). [Link]

    • Media coverage: UOL

  • 2020. "State-sponsored Trade Unions and their Political Influence after Democratic Transitions", Democratization (with Daniel Fedorowycz and Barry Maydom). [Link]

  • 2020. "Feminist activism 25 years after Beijing", Gender & Development (with Maxine Molyneux, Adrija Dey, and Holly Rowden). [Link]

  • 2019. "Selecting In or Selection Out? Gender gaps and political methodology in Europe", PS: Political Science & Politics (with Anita R. Gohdes, Denise Traber, and Mariken A.C.G. van der Velden). [Link]​​

  • 2016. “Postmaterialism and Political Elites: The Value Priorities of Brazilian Legislators”, Journal of Politics in Latin America (with Timothy J. Power). [Link]

book chapters

  • 2017. “The Variation of Quota Designs and Their Origins in Latin America (1991–2015)”, in Women, Politics, and Democracy in Latin America. [Link]

  • 2017. “Gender Quotas, Legislative Resistance and Non-Legislative Reform”, in Latin American Law and Policy: Transforming Courts, Institutions and Rights. [Link]

policy papers/reports

  • 2021. "+ Representatividade", Instituto Update (with Guilherme A. Russo and Débora Thomé). [Link]

  • 2021. "New Feminist Activism: Waves and Generations", UN Women Expert Group Meeting Sixty-fourth session of the Commission on the Status of Women (with Maxine Molyneux, Adrija Dey, and Holly Rowden). [Link]

  • 2019. “Women in Politics”, in A Snapshot of the Status of Women in Brazil: 2019. Wilson Center. [Link]

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