Book manuscript

My book manuscript, provisionally titled Vulnerable Men: Political Ambition and Resistance to Gender Quotas, tackles the puzzle of why male-dominated legislatures adopt gender quotas and offers the first comprehensive analysis of gender quota adoptions centered around the behavior of male legislators.


I argue that the key to solving the puzzle while appropriately accounting for the nested roles of individual male legislators and parties is to shift the focus of analysis from gender quota adoption to gender quota designs. More specifically, I pose that although the individual preferences of male legislators cannot fully explain the adoption of gender quotas, they can explain the variation in strength of gender quota designs.


To develop this argument, the book reconstructs processes of gender quota adoptions and revisions in Costa Rica, Brazil, and Chile, and employs elite-level surveys and interviews, as well as cross-national data from all countries in Latin America.

Evolution of gender quota designs in Latin America, as measured by my Index of Gender Quota Strength (IGQS)