Gendering Policy Analysis

Today is the first day of classes! I will be teaching a year-long BA thesis seminar, titled "Gendering Policy Analysis".

The course will question notions about public policy as gender-neutral, and assess the ways in which policy emerges from, as well as affects, presumptions about gender norms and relations. The syllabus for the course can be found in the teaching section of this website.

I am particularly excited about my partnership foraus for this course. This unique partnership will offer students the opportunity of publishing their policy proposals to address the problem of women's labor market discrimination in Switzerland in a peer-reviewed publication, which will then be launched in an event with key Swiss policymakers and industry leaders. Students will also get a chance of participating in a thesis workshop with policy practitioners, so as to learn more about how their academic research can be consumed in the policy sector.

Other activities for the course include a policy campaign (last year, students produced incredible podcasts, videos, and newspaper articles), and a policy negotiation in which each student plays the role of a different stakeholder.

It should be an exciting course!

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